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The tragic death of a schoolgirl known to Adisu was a powerful driver towards his ambition to improve the lives of women in Ethiopia. She had become pregnant after being accosted by two men while walking home from School. Most country people in Ethiopia are thin, due to food shortages caused by uncertain rainfall, and many young mothers are not sufficiently physically developed to allow the birth of a baby to proceed naturally.  In the frequent  absence of professional care in the countryside, efforts to expel the baby fail and the dead child rots inside the mother. This causes the destruction of her own abdominal structures and the walls of the bladder and rectum break down, causing double severe incontinence. 


As with many in this horrible position, she killed herself after a few months of suffering this constant humiliation. Adisu was a boy at the time and was deeply affected by this event but was too young to understand why it had happened.

Things are still desperately dangerous for young mothers, in a country where child marriage is still the norm. Much education is needed. This is one of the most important aspects of the fund-raising drive, as far as I am concerned. The difficulties of getting professional medical help and the descriptions of the agonies of these young women are unforgettable for me.

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