Adisu's Plans

email excerpts between trevor & adisu from the past year or so ...

Sept 2017

trevor visits ethiopia - only 25km of hiking to get to adisu's farm

Adisu: As I have told you earlier, to go to the farm the only way possible is to hike, there was a normal unpaved road but I am afraid it might not be functional now because it has been a long time since it was reconstructed, but we can climb up to the hills using mule and on foot and stay in one of the lodge which is near the farm and the next day we can walk about 10 KM and see the farm. But your health does always come first and please check with your doctor if you can climb up to 4000m above the sea level and a total of more than 25KM. I will be happy to take you there and show you the place where I grew up. 

Jan 2018

Discussions about buying the land for the medical centre

Adisu: The estimated Price of the Land which is in the town and on the side of the road will be 18.18GBP/square meters as I have heard from the friend whose working at the office and this will be multiplied by 600 sq meters and the Tax will be 1636GBP. The good thing about this agreement is we will have a bigger chance to lease the land which we showed you while you were there the land is
owned the government and we can ask the office to lease us the land for expansion.

Feb 2018

Adisu visits Lalibela to sort out land transaction

Adisu: Ii will be traveling to Lalibela till Wednesday to make the necessary arrangement for the building, to do the swapping, and to talk to the local builders there. but the internet in Lalibela has been shut down because of the uprising and the unrest from last week and i won't be able to reach you, but I will tell you about the detail of what i have achieved so far when i came back to Addis.

March 2018

First things first…protect the building!

Adisu: As we discussed, the first thing to do is the fencing so I explained this to him and he accepted it. The fence is being done by easy and less costly thing which are some wire and sticks, as the builder already brought his necessary equipments at the land already, and he needs those things to be kept safe and hired some guards, the cost for the guards will be covered by him until the building is finished. 

Trying to keep building costs down

Adisu: We have found a supplier in a place called Dessie who will be supplying us everything we need for the building, so price will be the same as the price here in Addis as i have asked many shops here in Addis for comparing the price. But the place is very close for Lalibela about 300 KM from Lalibela and it will minimize the transportation cost from Addis which is more than 700Km away from Lalibela. The payment for the supplies will be paid after we have got the supplies in Lalibela and do some necessary counting there. 

Some thoughts on immunisation

Adisu: The people in Lalibela and in the country side doesn’t have the idea about the benefits of Immunization, and I wanted make an attitude change by educating the community about the benefits of the Vaccine for the children and maternal health and an incomplete understanding of vaccine safety and importance, result in suboptimal coverage rates in some populations, allowing for disease outbreaks. And I hope that our intervention in the health sector will make a big difference.

Building time projections

Adisu: The builder told me that the maximum time to complete the building will take him 6-8 months including the finishing work. 

How the new medical centre will support the local population

Adisu: The project site is located in the new settlement area there are already more than 200 Houses have been built and more settlements will be done in about 2 years of time, and in the other hand we’re close to the surroundings 4 Kebelle or district which there are an estimation of 35000 farmers are living currently. So we targeted both of the people who lives in the town and in the countryside. 

April 2018

Will ongoing sponsorship be needed or can the medical centre be self funding?

Adisu: My plan is to give a wonderful health service for the community and charge them a decent amount of money. And what I have in mind is to ask people to be a member of our clinic, and there will be a member fee that they will pay for the clinic annually and at the same time they will get a great discount comparing to the non members.

Its been a family affair overseeing the building of the medical centre  

Trevor: How many times has your brother walked to Lalibela in the last seven days? I can hardly believe that people can do distances like that day after day.

Adisu: … brother has to walk twice a week, and he was complaining that he tearing down his shoes quite fast so I have sent him one of my shoe, and now he’s happy and stopped complaining. 

May 2018

A major obstacle for the medical centre…

Trevor: One of the big obstacles in the population you will serve is the widespread belief that  illness and misfortune are sent as punishments from God, as a result of sin. These superstitions have been widespread throughout the world but defy common sense. 

Adisu carefully manages the finances for the project

Adisu: I am very cautious on what is being spent and I keep recording all the expenses on my laptop using the Microsoft excel.  We will be very careful on what’s spending and I was preparing an excel shit which I can record all the expenses.

A building update…

Adisu: My brother is keeping up with all the hard work and I am proud of him, so I believe that he deserves to have a new shoe and I send him one. My brother and the architect is playing a big role on speeding up the building, by going to the site and following up the builders, the building is about 40% completed

June 2018

Adisu gets good reports of the building progress and plans for expansion already!

Adisu: When I was on my 8th Grade I had a very good Chemistry Teacher, and he tried to convince me to become a Chemist. He visited my place coincidentally, while he was following up his home which is under construction and in the same neighborhood, then he heard that it's a clinic and belongs to me and took my number from my brother and he called me yesterday. He said he is very happy with all my success and he like what I am doing there, and he said that he saw the progress of the building from the start and the building has a very good footing that can be extended in time. And he said that instead of roofing it with zinc why not we do it in concrete and when the business becomes good we can extend the floor. What do you think? It's a long term plan.

The challenges of getting pictures in a world without Smartphones!

Adisu: I will look for a friend who has a phone with a camera to go there and take the picture of the building and then I will send it to you. It's actually difficult to find someone with a smartphone in Lalibela, but a friend of mine who sent me the pictures Last time he will be willing to go there and to take more photos.

Adisu visits towns in the south as part of his nursing qualifications training

Adisu: The Southern part was a bit difficult for Northern people like us, and sometimes your fun might become an offense for them and will see it in a different or bad manner. we were careful on our words and we tried to make sure that nothing slipped off. The people there has a long history of conflicts with the northern nations, as they have been ruled by the leaders from the north for Thousands Of Years,  And they had a blood shading experience. So they don’t usually like us, but not everyone, most of them open their door for us and invited us to stay inside and have something to eat as well. 

Adisu’s staffing plans

Adisu: At least 10-12 people work full-time in the organization.  Their positions include the following: Program coordinator, nurse, nurse’s aid, security, home-based care coordinator, caretakers, nutrition and ECD teachers, 3 community home-based careers, and 2 mother-careers.  We also employ part-time nutritionists in addition to a few various government workers in social services and health.  A total of seven people receive a monthly salary from the organization, including the nurse, nurse’s aid, three counselors, and two ECD teachers.

July 2018

Do people in Ethiopia pay for their own medical care?

Adisu: For the record, Their is nothing free here in Ethiopia, the government clinics and health center charges a decent amount, but there will be a large queue.

Adisu reflects on his journey to graduation

Finally I am done with all the stress, and everything goes as planned, and it was a wonderful day for me and for my colleagues, but while the graduation is going on, I was a little bit emotional, when i think about all the roads that i came through. The ups and Down, when Life was so hard for me and my family, when mother was giving us away her dinner instead of feeding herself, we were barely eating once a day, then i met you when i was felling desperate, i always believe admire that God arranged our meeting.

August 2018

Adisu is offered a lecturing post following graduation

Adisu: From the coming Monday on i will be working at the school, my title in English will be Beginner Teacher, or Junior Lecture. But this doesn't mean that i will start the teaching right away, they have told me that I will have some teaching courses, and training before starting the teaching

October 2018

Building Progress!

Adisu: I am very Glad proud and Happy to send you the pictures of the improvements that’s made to our project in Lalibela, I had to stay there this long and follow up the building with the architect, and we have made a promising Job, and the building is about to be completed and some finishing work is left

Another brick machine needed!

Adisu: I am happy that you saw the improvements. It took a lot of hard work and I had to convince the builder to bring another brick machine to produce as much Bricks as possible so that the building will keep going, and I have thought him some of the empowering methods for the daily labors to help them keep working without being bossy, my friends and  I have to Work with the labors The whole  day, and our effort plus team work paid us back, and I hope that this cooperation will continue till the completion of the building. 

Equipment needed to get a license to run the medical centre

Adisu: the list of the equipment that I have sent you is, the list that a small clinic has to fulfil otherwise they won’t give us a license to run the clinic. 

Nov 2018

Thoughts on raising money for equipment

Trevor: I have been thinking about the cost of the equipment on the list and wondering if it might be possible to divide it into two sections. If we can raise funds for the basic essentials ready to start receiving patients and then progressively add the more sophisticated pieces of equipment as funds are collected, will that be a better way of proceeding?

Dec 2018

Adisu’s staffing plan for the medical centre

Adisu: Well, Our Clinic will be well equipped medium clinic that means it starts from a very good and polite staffs; here is my listing that my staff should fulfill. 

1. They should have Caring Nature they must take a time to make patience feel, Wanted, and be there as a friend. But this should be from there heart.

2. They must be Empathetic to understand how patient is feeling, they have to put themselves and give emotional support.

3. They should be emotional Stable, this sound obvious and straight forward but we humans are easily inflammable which sometimes can affect caregivers; however as a care giver they have a responsibility for a patient to offer stability.

4. They should be quick thinker and get decisions right. 

5. Be Hard Working and be passionate on what they do and strive to the best.  

6. They should be a very good communicator. As they are a member of amazing and supportive community who will be there when the need it. 

These are what i actually have in mind. I hope if i have the above kind of staffs i am 100% sure that i will handle every serious situation and cases that will come towards me and the company.

Jan 2019

Ethiopia life expectancy

Adisu: the life expectancy of Ethiopians is 49 for male and 52 for female and it is the lowest from the whole world.

Jan 2019 fundraising begins to equip the Lalibela Medical Centre!

to be continued! 

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