As a thank you ...

Ethiopian Spice and a trip to Lalibela!


saying thank you with spice!

As a thank you, we would like to send everyone who donates £100 or more to the Lalibela Medical Centre a jar of gorgeous Ethiopian Spice. Just send us an email through our Contact Page giving us your name, address and confirming you have donated £100 or more. (applies to only UK based donors only).

saying thank you with a trip to lalibela!

For anyone (or any organisation) that donates £2000 or more, please send us your details via the Contact page and we will put names into a ‘hat’ to select one lucky winner of a trip to Lalibela to visit the Medical Centre. (Please note that this trip can only be won if our fundraising target of £40K is hit. This offer only open to those aged 18 or over.)

Don’t worry, your donations are safe!

Please note that the cost of the spices and postage and the trip to Lalibela will be paid for by our sponsor HR and Training business Jaluch. Up to £1000 will be reimbursed to the winner of the trip to Lalibela on presentation of flight, hotel, taxi and other trip expenses.

A few T’s and C’s relating to the trip to Lalibela

Your own insurance must be taken out. Jaluch Ltd and the Lalibela Medical Centre bears no responsibility for travel and other arrangements, travel and health insurance, security and costs over and above £1000, however incurred. Invoices will be reimbursed by Jaluch Ltd within 14 days of receipt of all expenses (please note that all expenses must be presented at the same time.)   

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